Simultaneous Interpreting II

Improve your simultaneous interpreting skills as you adopt more advanced strategies to work with speakers at higher speeds, to train your ear to understand different dialects, and to solve specific interpreting challenges such as idioms, jokes, false starts, etc. In addition, students will get more detailed information on the different settings in which the simultaneous mode is used (court, medical, conferences) and will gain basic knowledge of interpreting equipment. Expect to do extensive interpreting practice at home in the simultaneous mode to build speed, problem-solving abilities, and depth and breadth of vocabulary. This course is approved for 12 CEUs with the Supreme Court of Nevada: Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

Please note: this course has Prerequisites

Dates:June 6-27, 2018
Meets:W from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 4 sessions
Location:UNLV Paradise Campus (PAR) Room 123
Instructor:Judy Jenner
Fee: $309.00
Textbook:ACEBO - Edge 21: Simultaneous Interpreting by Holly Mikkelson (ISBN: 9781880594391)

Required Textbook(s): ACEBO - Edge 21: Simultaneous Interpreting by Holly Mikkelson (ISBN: 9781880594391) Students will also need (1) A laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone with audio recording software (recommended: Audacity). (2) A headset with a microphone to record interpreting renditions to be saved to the student's laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. (3) A speechpool account (free): - to be active before first day of class.

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