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A paralegal can be an integral part of the legal entertainment scene, providing the attorney with drafts of contracts, monitoring the performance of existing contracts, and communicating with clients and other parties involved in the negotiation process. This is all in addition to the more standard tasks performed by the paralegal, such as research, correspondence, and pleading preparation. A paralegal can also be invaluable due to the peculiar nature of the entertainment industry. The egos and personalities are different, more sensitive, and often more volatile than in standard areas of representation. A paralegal often provides a less threatening conduit through which communication can flow. Topics include Media & Entertainment Law, Employment Law, and your choice of E-Discovery or Advanced Legal Research. 7.2 CEUs

Prerequisite: Students must meet ONE of the following prerequisites:
Have earned the UNLV Paralegal Certificate (or an equivalent certificate),
Have earned a degree in paralegal studies, or
Have a combination of a college degree in any area of study and two years of legal work experience.

In order to register for this course, you must send proof of eligibility to Once your eligibility and registration have been verified, a course facilitator will grant you access to the course website, Paralegal Space, where you can order your textbooks and make your choice between E-Discovery and Advanced Legal Research. Textbooks average $200 per course.

 Th from 12 M to 12:00 AM
Location:OnLine Delivery
Instructor:Margaret Pickard
Fee: $1,995.00Fee Breakdown

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