Business Logistics & Processes Module

This module covers key concepts in managing the core systems and processes in your business. Specific topics include handling budgeting and reporting, consumer behavior and marketing, the supply chain, and information systems. Strengthen your understanding of these key concepts through specific examples of how to apply them within your work environment.

This module includes four courses each taught by an experienced faculty member or local business leader. Here is a description of each course:

Budgeting and Reporting: Utilize your budgeting process to communicate and fund business priorities. Take a fresh approach to your company's finances once you reframe the budget process as a way to quantify management goals and get leaders thinking about and planning for the future. Budget documents can then be used as a benchmark for subsequent performance.

Marketing: View your business from the customer's point of view so you can craft a marketing strategy tailored to your unique product and target audience. You will be given tools to develop an effective marketing strategy and will learn the basics of how to analyze market opportunities, develop marketing plans, and implement marketing programs.

Service Operations: Examine approaches for achieving operational competitiveness in a service-focused business and investigate several tools for analyzing service operations. The U.S. is largely a service economy; the service sector accounts for approximately 78% of GDP and 80% of employment. Services are intangible, highly variable, perishable, and usually involve human interaction between employees and customers. Operational excellence is critical for success in any service industry, as businesses increasingly face deregulation, global competition, and rapidly-evolving information technology.

Information Systems: Don't overlook the importance of well designed, thoughtfully implemented, and carefully managed information systems and decision support systems to the success of your business venture. Discuss the role information technology applications play in decision making and problem solving at the operational and corporate levels.

These are hybrid classes. Access to the online component is available two weeks prior to the in-person meet dates. You should anticipate spending two hours per class in online preparation before the in-person meet dates, plus two hours per class for online follow up.
Please note, requests to drop classes and receive refunds must be submitted no later than one week prior to the in person class session. Please see website for all other policies regarding withdrawing from the class.

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Dates:April 21-22, 2020
 Tu and W from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 2 sessions
Location:Lee Business School, EMBA Suite, Wright Hall, C302
Instructor:Lee Business School
Fee: $1,299.00

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