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PHR/SPHR Information Session08/16/180.00
Human Resource Management Certificate Program Information Session08/16/180.00
Coaching & Counseling for Success07/06/18279.00
Creating a Strategic Thinking Paradigm08/10/18279.00
Excel Level I08/18/18269.00
Accent Reduction for International Professionals III07/09/18219.00
Basic Sewing 2-Stitch It07/07/18289.00
Fashion: Draw, Drape & Design07/28/18289.00
Personal Care Aide Certificate Program07/09/181599.00
English as a Second Language (ESL) Intermediate I08/25/18259.00
English as a Second Language (ESL) Advanced I08/25/18259.00
Legal Interpretation Certificate: Spanish Information Session07/09/180.00
Introduction to Legal Interpreting08/01/18309.00
Medical Interpreting: Spanish Certificate Program Information Session08/28/180.00
Strong Financial Oversight07/02/18279.00
Digital Photography I: The Essentials06/23/18119.00
Cell Phone Photography07/28/1869.00
Digital Photography III: Focal Lengths to Filters08/18/18119.00
Digital Photography II: Visual Communication07/21/18119.00
Food Photography07/24/18149.00
Tort Law06/21/18289.00
Cooperative Parenting-Shielding Your Children From Conflict08/28/18299.00
Cooperative Parenting-Shielding Your Children From Conflict08/30/18299.00
Contract Law07/19/18289.00
Paralegal Certificate Program06/19/186549.00
Paralegal Certificate Program06/19/186549.00
Community Manager Preparation Course Information Session08/07/180.00
Community Manager Preparation Course Information Session08/21/180.00
Community Manager Preparation Course Information Session08/07/180.00
Community Manager Preparation State Exam Review08/01/1829.00
Sports Officiating08/29/18224.00
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Child Trauma07/12/1849.00
The Shaping of a Woman's Voice08/09/1849.00
ACT Residual Exam06/25/1875.00
ACT Residual Exam07/06/1875.00
ACT Residual Exam07/23/1875.00
ACT Residual Exam08/03/1875.00
ACT Residual Exam08/17/1875.00
Adobe Illustrator Level I07/25/18309.00
Adobe Photoshop Level I07/24/18309.00
Graphic Design Capstone: Designing Your Brand Using Adobe Software06/01/18209.00
Editing & Proofreading Your Work06/23/1869.00
Sommelier Academy Information Session08/14/180.00
Acrylics II10/17/18129.00
Acrylics I09/05/18129.00
Drawing I09/08/18129.00
Drawing II10/13/18129.00
Watercolors I09/08/18129.00
Watercolors II10/13/18129.00
Introduction to Composition & Color09/17/18119.00
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Essentials of Human Resource Management09/04/18699.00
Essentials of Human Resource Management11/03/18699.00
PHR/SPHR Certification Preparation09/05/18849.00
What the EEOC Expects From Employers10/19/18279.00
Nevada Employment Law I09/07/18279.00
Nevada Employment Law II09/21/18279.00
Nevada Employment Law III10/05/18279.00
Developing a Successful Performance Management Program12/14/18279.00
Project Management Skills Everyone Needs11/16/18279.00
Succession Planning12/07/18279.00
Understanding Employee Behavior in the Workplace09/28/18279.00
Talent Management09/27/18279.00
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Total Rewards Management12/04/18279.00
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Fundamentals of Leadership10/03/18699.00
Effective Facilitation of Meetings & Discussions10/13/18279.00
Organizational Change Management10/16/18279.00
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Becoming a Strategic Leader11/02/18279.00
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Organizational Design: Aligning Structure, Jobs, and Skills11/06/18279.00
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The Language of Leadership09/14/18279.00
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Personal Leadership Development12/08/18279.00
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Adobe Premiere: Video Editing I10/10/18119.00
Adobe Premiere: Video Editing II11/28/18119.00
Videography I: The Essentials09/12/18119.00
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Microsoft Office Basics10/17/18189.00
Communicate with Difficult People with Tact & Skill09/22/1869.00
Public Speaking Bootcamp09/21/18139.00
Proposal Writing II11/13/18199.00
Grants Management12/04/18199.00
Identifying Funding Sources09/11/18199.00
Building a Grant Ready Organization10/02/18199.00
Proposal Writing I10/23/18199.00
Grant Academy Information Session08/28/180.00
Grant Academy Bundle09/11/18899.00
Energy Healing: Beginners (Reiki)09/29/18199.00
Energy Healing: Intermediate (Reiki)09/30/18229.00
Energy Healing: Master (Reiki)10/06/18279.00
Energy Healing: (Reiki) Bundle09/29/18369.00
Energy Healing: Three Course (Reiki) Bundle09/29/18549.00
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How to Deal with Disagreements, Conflict & Confrontation09/22/1869.00
Digital Photography I: The Essentials09/08/18119.00
Neon Night Photography: Capturing the Glow10/01/18129.00
Cell Phone Photography12/01/1869.00
Digital Photography III: Focal Lengths to Filters10/06/18119.00
Digital Photography II: Visual Communication09/22/18119.00
Building a Photography Business11/13/18299.00
Street Photography09/12/18149.00
Digital Photography Editing10/13/18299.00
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Film Photography10/04/18199.00
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Architectural Photography11/28/18199.00
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Introduction to Landscape Photography11/03/18199.00
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Microsoft Office & Adobe Acrobat for Legal Professionals09/10/18349.00
Microsoft Office & Adobe Acrobat for Legal Professionals09/11/18349.00
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist09/10/18849.00
Integrated Behavioral Health11/08/1849.00
Developing Cultural Competency in Working with LGBTQ Youth12/13/1849.00
Borderline Personality Disorder10/11/1849.00
Ethical Issues in Working with High Conflict Family Law Cases09/13/1869.00
ACT Residual Exam09/21/1875.00
ACT Residual Exam11/16/1875.00
ACT Residual Exam12/14/1875.00
HTML Level II10/16/18289.00
HTML Level I09/04/18289.00
Adobe InDesign Level I10/25/18309.00
Adobe Illustrator Level I09/06/18309.00
Adobe Photoshop Level I09/04/18309.00
Adobe Photoshop Level II10/23/18309.00
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization10/25/18279.00
Print Design Capstone: From Pre-Press to Production09/01/18209.00
Introduction to Content Management Systems10/17/18309.00
Introduction to YouTube Marketing10/19/18149.00
Introduction to Social Media Marketing09/13/18289.00
Graphic Design Capstone: Designing Your Brand Using Adobe Software09/01/18209.00
Print Design Certificate Program Application09/01/180.00
Graphic Design Certificate Program Application09/01/180.00
Editing & Proofreading Your Work10/05/1869.00

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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