Celebrating Musical Theatre: Incredible Performances on Broadway (Maryland)

A full semester of celebrating the incredible performers in Broadway Musical Theatre! Our first classes will start with looking at the incredible Tony Award Nominated Performances of the 2023/24 season — followed by a post-show analysis of the Tony Awards, after they are presented on Sunday, June 16th. But throughout the entire semester, we will be looking at incredible performances over the 120-year history of American Musical Theatre! As always, we will also keep an eye on what is happening in the Las Vegas Theatre scene as well! Class is offered in person or virtual. Select one option when registering.

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Dates:May 28 - July 16, 2024
 Tu from 9:00 AM to 10:45 AM, 8 sessions
Location:UNLV MAB2
Instructor:Bruce Ewing
Fee: $0.00

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