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UNLV Summer Community Concert Band05/17/1715.00
Helicopter Private Pilot Certification03/14/1714999.00
Airplane Private Pilot Certification03/14/179999.00
Airplane & Helicopter Instrument Pilot Certification03/14/1714999.00
Airplane or Helicopter Commercial Pilot Certification03/14/1724999.00
Woodworking: Hand Tool Fundamentals07/26/17125.00
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Woodworking I07/17/17254.00
Pottery: Hand Building06/29/17135.00
Pottery: Wheel Throwing06/29/17135.00
PHR/SPHR Information Session08/17/170.00
Human Resource Management Certificate Program Information Session08/23/170.00
Human Resource Management Certificate Program Information Session08/17/170.00
Coaching & Counseling for Success07/07/17279.00
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Creating a Strategic Thinking Paradigm08/11/17279.00
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Dog Obedience Training II07/16/17109.00
Basic Sewing 2-Stitch It07/01/17289.00
Fashion: Draw, Drape & Design07/22/17289.00
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Growing Fall & Winter Vegetables08/22/1739.00
Growing & Using Herbs From Your Yard08/08/1739.00
Enjoy Four Seasons of Color & Fragrance Right Outside Your Door08/29/1739.00
Container Gardening For Las Vegas08/15/1739.00
Creative Salads07/11/1749.00
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Caribbean Delights07/25/1749.00
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Celebration of Summer08/08/1749.00
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A Nonprofit Board's Role & Responsibility to its Agency & the Community08/04/170.00
An Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector08/04/170.00
Cell Phone Photography07/29/1769.00
Digital Photography III: Focal Lengths to Filters08/19/17109.00
Digital Photography II: Visual Communication07/22/17109.00
Street Photography08/09/17149.00
Cooperative Parenting-Shielding Your Children From Conflict08/15/17299.00
Cooperative Parenting-Shielding Your Children From Conflict08/17/17299.00
Contract Law07/20/17289.00
Paralegal Certificate Online06/01/177529.00
Community Manager Preparation Course Information Session08/07/170.00
Community Manager Preparation Course Information Session08/07/170.00
Community Manager Preparation Course Information Session08/21/170.00
Stage Technician Education & Development Intensive (STEADI) Certificate Program07/31/171299.00
Entertainment Electrics08/04/17779.00
Stage Technician & Entertainment Electrics Bundle07/31/171999.00
ACT Residual Exam07/14/1775.00
ACT Residual Exam07/28/1775.00
ACT Residual Exam08/04/1775.00
ACT Residual Exam08/18/1775.00
Adobe InDesign Level I07/25/17309.00
Adobe Illustrator Level I07/24/17309.00
Sommelier Academy Information Session08/15/170.00
Essentials of Human Resource Management09/05/17699.00
Essentials of Human Resource Management12/02/17699.00
Understanding the Collective Bargaining Process12/01/17279.00
PHR/SPHR Certification Preparation09/06/17849.00
What the EEOC Expects From Employers10/13/17279.00
Effective HR Analytics11/01/17279.00
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Nevada Employment Law I09/07/17279.00
Nevada Employment Law II09/22/17279.00
Nevada Employment Law III10/06/17279.00
Change Management12/08/17279.00
Developing a Successful Performance Management Program11/09/17279.00
Project Management Skills Everyone Needs11/15/17279.00
Succession Planning10/25/17279.00
Cultural Competency in the Workplace11/07/17279.00
Communication Strategies: First-Time Managers or Supervisors12/05/17279.00
Understanding Employee Behavior in the Workplace09/29/17279.00
Communication Strategies: When Having Difficult Conversations09/19/17279.00
Communication Strategies: Dealing with Problem Employees10/03/17279.00
Excel Level II11/21/17269.00
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UNLV09/11/1775.00
Grant Academy Bundle09/12/17899.00
A Nonprofit Board's Role & Responsibility to its Agency & the Community09/01/170.00
Paralegal Certificate Program10/10/176549.00
ACT Residual Exam09/22/1775.00
ACT Residual Exam11/17/1775.00
ACT Residual Exam12/01/1775.00
ACT Residual Exam12/15/1775.00
Vine to Wine: The Fundamentals09/05/171599.00

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Media & Entertainment Law Specialist-OnlineOnline1995.00

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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