Who is Living Now in Mesoamerica?

erica is a cultural concept elaborated to define the cultural and social activity of the prehispanic population. The territory has specific boundaries but in the case of this proposal I include some groups from oasis and Aridamerica. I focus my choice on different ethnic groups that are currently living in this territory. I am going to follow the groups presentation settled in the actual Mexican politic geographic division. México is a plurietnic and pluricultural Nation actually there 82 groups that express their indigenous past. I will choose the most representative group from each state. ARID AND OASIS AMERICA: SONORA & SINALOA (Series, Mayos); DURANGO (Kikapúes); CHIHUAHUA (Tarahumaras) MICHOACAN (Nahuas de la costa-sierra; Tarascos); VERACRUZ (Huastecos; Totonacos); YUCATAN (Mayas; chuj Guatemaltecan descendentes), OAXACA (Zapotecas; Mixtecos; Mixes); CHIAPAS (Lacandones; Tzotziles, Tzeltales); TABASCO (Chontales); PUEBLA (Totonacos); JALISCO (Huicholes), HIDALGO, GUANAJUATO, QUERETARO (Otomíes). In México there is a great influence from the African population brought to México to work as forced labor at the times when slavery was legally accepted. Man, woman and children were brought principally from Spain and Portugal. They were placed at the market places in Veracruz, Guerrero, Oaxaca, After the Independence War, as free men they settle in these states and Morelos. OBSERVATIONS: I will have to make some modifications to adjust to the time and the presentation against the calendar

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