Happiness: Success on Speed

There is a simple formula to power one’s life for happiness and success quickly.  The four GOODS you need to be happy: BEING GOOD, FEELING GOOD, MAKING GOOD, AND DOING GOOD. There will be lectures with interactive class exercises, and assignments. Course promise on this journey: you will do well if you have the courage and intention to put the four GOODS in action. Miracles will happen when you decide they will. BEING GOOD – The development of character and goodness is a crucial process.   Focus is concentration on one’s soul, mindset development, integrity, and spirit. Scientific discoveries in the consciousness field will help in learning to slow down your mind and listen to the inner guide. We will explore the science of meditation with a focus on belief systems and congruence of action integrated with mindfulness. ?FEELING GOOD – Joy and happiness is a decision.  This includes health, happiness, physical joy, and expression of joy to others. At least 20 techniques will focus on selection of actions and thoughts that will most likely provide a rapid shift in the “feel good” thermometer. We cover the concept of FUN & FUNNY.– Scientific studies of comedy and its physical effect will be reviewed. Studies will outline various techniques to increase happiness.? MAKING GOOD – Attracting prosperity gives freedom to accomplish financial goals. There is no specific formula for developing a multi-million dollar asset base tomorrow. The process will help you to “attract” richness in your life by making the hard decision and implementing actions necessary to be prosperous. ?DOING GOOD -This includes how you treat others, your environment, your community, and how you help others . Doing good releases powerful substances allowing euphoric states. Seven sins (Ghandi): wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrafice, politics without principle."

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