Instructor Information

Marquis (Mark) Gilmore
Mark Gilmore is a native of Colorado who has traveled extensively professionally and for pleasure throughout Latin American and Europe. He and his wife Connie resided for 12 years in Germany, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina. After graduating from Dartmouth College he began a 42-year career in international banking concentrating on Latin America.
Elena Cieslak Elena Cieslak is retired from Purdue University where she worked as a family nutrition advisor. Prior to that she taught and worked as a medical assistant with a degree from Sawyer College. Cieslak has more than 20 years' experience in adult education and loves being in the classroom. Cieslak's love for art began as a small child and she is completely self-taught. Her work hangs regularly in Henderson City Hall. She is a member of City Lights Gallery in Henderson and displays and sells her work whenever possible.
Niels Clyde Niels Clyde has been a student of several disciplines of spiritual principles for many years. His interest in ancient sages and their teachings has enabled him to facilitate several study groups. OLLI at UNLV has provided a unique opportunity for Niels to share his experience in a multi-media environment.
Gail Knapp Gail Knapp retired after teaching psychology for 38 years in a Michigan community college. She moved to Las Vegas to escape the snow and ice, and because she had fallen in love with the city during a regular summer visit for an annual conference on scientific skepticism. The conference was about the use of science and evidence to study the truth of claims. It is that interest that sparked the creation of the Perception v. Reality Course for OLLI that she taught for three years. With the current political world filled with the use of psychological manipulation to get people to buy ideas, she believes that the only hope for rational decision making is education in the techniques that they use. So, she reworked the Perception v. Reality course to include more logical fallacies and analysis of the news. Knapp currently is an OLLI board member and board secretary.

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