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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

08/18/2017ACT Residual Exam
08/19/2017Digital Photography III: Focal Lengths to Filters
08/19/2017OLLI at UNLV Open House: Instructor Registration
08/21/2017Community Manager Preparation Course Information Session
08/22/2017Growing Fall & Winter Vegetables
08/23/2017Human Resource Management Certificate Program Information Session
08/28/2017University Marching Band
08/28/2017High Desert Horns
08/29/2017Enjoy Four Seasons of Color & Fragrance Right Outside Your Door
08/29/2017UNLV New Horizons Band
08/29/2017Grant Academy Information Session
08/30/2017UNLV Community Concert Band
08/30/2017Medical Interpretation Certificate: Spanish Information Session
08/31/2017Las Vegas Flute Ensemble
09/01/2017UNLV Women's Chorus
09/01/2017UNLV Varsity Men's Glee Club
09/01/2017An Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
09/01/2017A Nonprofit Board's Role & Responsibility to its Agency & the Community
09/01/2017UAV Simulation & Testing
09/01/2017UAS Design & Applications
09/01/2017Nurse Paralegal Certificate Online
09/01/2017Paralegal Certificate Online
09/01/2017Graphic Design Capstone: Designing Your Brand Using Adobe Software
09/01/2017Print Design Capstone: From Pre-Press to Production
09/01/2017Entertainment Electrics
09/01/2017RN Transition Into Practice Program
09/01/2017Ukulele I
09/01/2017Guitar I
09/01/2017Break Into the World of Voiceover
09/01/2017Personal Computing Basics
09/01/2017Fashion Design Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Grant Academy Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Legal Interpretation: Spanish Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Medical Interpretation: Spanish Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Internet Design and Technology Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Non-Profit Management Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Advanced Human Resources Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Basic Human Resources Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Graphic Design Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Print Design Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Vine to Wine: The Fundamentals Certificate Application
09/01/2017Community Association Management Precertification Certificate Application
09/01/2017Legal Secretary Program Certificate Application
09/01/2017Mediation Training Certificate Application
09/01/2017NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certificate Application
09/01/2017Protective Services Certification Program Application
09/01/2017Unmanned Aircraft Systems Certificate Program Application
09/01/2017Paralegal/Nurse Paralegal Certificate Application
09/01/2017Personal Care Aide Certificate Application
09/01/2017RN Transition Into Practice Certificate Application
09/01/2017Stage Technician Education & Development Intensive Certificate Application
09/01/2017NASM Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate Application
09/01/2017PHR/SPHR Certificate Program Application
09/02/2017Pottery: Wheel Throwing
09/02/2017Pottery: Hand Building
09/02/2017Personal Care Aide Certificate Program
09/04/2017Stage Technician Education & Development Intensive (STEADI) Certificate Program
09/04/2017Nonprofit Management Bundle
09/04/2017Medical Assistant Certificate Program
09/05/2017Essentials of Human Resource Management
09/05/2017Adobe Illustrator Level I
09/05/2017HTML Level I
09/05/2017Ethics in UAS Operations
09/05/2017Vine to Wine: The Fundamentals
09/06/2017Paralegal Certificate Information Session
09/06/2017Paralegal Certificate Information Session
09/06/2017Pottery: Wheel Throwing
09/06/2017Pottery: Wheel Throwing
09/06/2017Acrylics I
09/06/2017PHR/SPHR Certification Preparation
09/06/2017Legal Secretary Information Session
09/06/2017Legal Secretary Information Session
09/07/2017Pottery: Wheel Throwing
09/07/2017Pottery: Hand Building
09/07/2017Pottery: Hand Building
09/07/2017Responsible Fundraising
09/07/2017Adobe Photoshop Level I
09/07/2017Nevada Employment Law I
09/07/2017Jazz Appreciation
09/09/2017Mediation Training Certificate
09/09/2017Drawing I
09/09/2017Watercolors I
09/09/2017Basic Sewing
09/09/2017Digital Photography I: The Essentials
09/09/2017ESL (English as a Second Language) Basic II
09/11/2017Woodworking I
09/11/2017NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
09/11/2017Spanish II
09/11/2017Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UNLV
09/11/2017Recreational Card Playing
09/11/2017So What's News?
09/11/2017Anthropology and You. Can You Dig It?
09/11/2017Colored Pencil Drawing
09/11/2017Great Decisions
09/11/2017Crochet & Knit Workshop
09/11/2017History of India, II
09/11/2017Professor's Choice
09/11/2017Survival of a Nation: Exploring Israel
09/11/2017Jewish Impact on US History
09/11/2017The Joy of Thinking
09/11/2017Introduction to Genetics
09/11/2017Ancient Hawaii, Journey to the Unknown
09/11/2017Balance, Strength, and Stretching
09/11/2017Creative Writing
09/11/2017Healthy Cooking on a Budget
09/12/2017Identifying Funding Sources
09/12/2017Grant Academy Bundle
09/12/2017Legal Interpretation Certificate: Spanish Information Session
09/12/2017America's Election System: Facts and Fiction
09/12/2017Ukulele for Beginners
09/12/2017Genealogy and Family History
09/12/2017Soap Box
09/12/2017Evolution of Human Society
09/12/2017How the Universe Works: Life in Our Universe
09/12/2017It's Never Too Late to Begin Again
09/12/2017Photography II
09/12/2017Spanish Pronunciation
09/12/2017Countries, Cultures, and Current Issues
09/12/2017Women Making Art History
09/12/2017Medical Advances Through the 21st Century
09/12/2017Philosophies of Asia: Taoism and Buddhism
09/12/2017Ancient Hawaii, Journey to the Unknown
09/12/2017Events That Changed the World
09/12/2017The Age of Rembrandt
09/12/2017Ongoing Yoga
09/12/2017Sit and Stay Fit
09/12/2017History of African American History in Las Vegas
09/12/2017Westward the Women, Part II
09/12/2017Westward the Women, Part II
09/13/2017Paralegal Certificate Information Session
09/13/2017Paralegal Certificate Information Session
09/13/2017Street Photography
09/13/2017Adobe Premiere: Video Editing I
09/13/2017Legal Secretary Information Session
09/13/2017Legal Secretary Information Session
09/13/2017So What's News?
09/13/2017A Brief Tour Through Mesoamerica
09/13/2017Watercolor Sketching and Journaling
09/13/2017Meridian Stretching
09/13/2017A History of European Art, Part II
09/13/2017Topics in Psychology
09/13/2017Tweak Your Mind
09/13/2017Writer's Critique, Ink
09/13/2017First Ladies and Their Husbands
09/13/2017Civilisation: Personal View by Kenneth Clark
09/13/2017Music as a Mirror of History, Part II
09/13/2017Jean Renoir: Humanism in Film
09/13/2017Jazz Appreciation
09/13/2017Appreciating the Music Dramas of Richard Wagner
09/13/2017Balance, Strength, and Stretching
09/13/2017French Culture: Food
09/13/2017Beginning Line Dancing
09/13/2017Neuotics, Psychotics, and Sociopaths
09/13/2017Women, Confidence, Retirement
09/13/2017Anti-Heroes: Villians We Love to Hate
09/14/2017Introduction to Social Media Marketing
09/14/2017Current Business Topics
09/14/2017The Classic Art of Storytelling
09/14/2017Events That Changed the World
09/14/2017Hollywood Musicals
09/14/2017Rightsizing Your Life
09/14/2017Ukulele Workshop
09/14/2017Principles of the Tao Te Ching
09/14/2017TED Talks And More: The Future of Tomorrow
09/14/2017The Human Body: How It Works
09/14/2017Writers' Club: Expressions in Prose & Poetry
09/14/2017Explore the World of Islam
09/14/2017Maya to Aztec, Part I
09/14/2017Reilly: Ace of Spies
09/14/2017Soap Box
09/14/2017Appreciating the Music Dramas of Richard Wagner
09/14/2017Sit and Stay Fit
09/14/2017Square Dancing
09/14/2017Safety and Privacy in the 21st Century
09/15/2017Public Speaking Bootcamp
09/15/2017Creating a Development Plan
09/15/2017Beginning Watercolors: The Magic of Light
09/15/2017French Book Club
09/15/2017Shakespeare: All About Love
09/15/2017The Art of Art: According to Law
09/15/2017Artist's Workshop: Open Lab
09/15/2017Conspiracy? JFK/9-11
09/15/2017Greeting Card Creations
09/15/2017Getting "A Head" of Drawing
09/15/2017Jean Renoir: Humanism in Film
09/15/2017Darwin and the Tree of Life
09/15/2017Evidence-Based Practice & Quality Improvement Projects
09/16/2017Communicate with Difficult People with Tact & Skill
09/16/2017ESL (English as a Second Language) Accelerated
09/16/2017How to Deal with Disagreements, Conflict & Confrontation
09/16/2017Editing & Proofreading Your Work
09/16/2017French II
09/16/2017French I
09/16/2017ESL (English as a Second Language) Intermediate

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