Instructor Information

Patricia Battie
Patricia Battie, an experienced mediator and expert trainer in facilitative mediation, has been active in the field of mediation for over 16 years. Mrs. Battie earned a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and a Certificate in Public Administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is currently enrolled in the UNLV Public Administration Master's Degree program which she is scheduled to complete in 2018. As a Mediation Specialist II with the Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center, Mrs. Battie serves as the agency's training coordinator and lead trainer. In this capacity, she is responsible for training new mediators in a variety of interpersonal growth skills, as well as basic mediation skills. This 40 intensive training is taught one day a week over a course of five consecutive weeks or five consecutive days. Participants are introduced to mediation as a method of dispute resolution, instructed on conflict skills, communication, negotiations, culture, ethics, mediation processes, and mediation skills and techniques. In addition to mediation training, Mrs. Battie is responsible for training development and continuing education for mediators. Various courses are offered to the Neighborhood Justice Center's volunteers and other community participants interested in skill building. As a leader in conflict resolution curriculum development, the Neighborhood Justice Center receives several requests per year to conduct trainings. Mrs. Battie has trained conflict resolution skills to agencies such as the Clark County Health District, Nevada Supreme Court, Nevada Environmental Protection Agency, Clark County Department of Family Services, and the Clark County School District to name a few. Mrs. Battie, along with her colleagues at the Neighborhood Justice Center, are committed to continue helping our community become a more safe place to live, work, and play by offering services and training to help reduce conflict.

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