Instructor Information

Julia Pizzi
Julia Pizzi has over 25 years' experience as a human resource executive in both technology start-up companies and global corporations such as Lucent and ADP. She has a graduate degree in educational technology from Purdue University. Pizzi is passionate about building high-performance organizations through lifelong learning, career development, and coaching.
Ellen Burke Ellen Burke is a paralegal/music publishing administrator representing songwriters and artists in the pop and Broadway music worlds for over 30 years. Previously, she worked on the business side of television in Detroit, New York City, and Miami. Burke currently serves as the executive vice-president of Hadassah Desert-Mountain.
Joan Webster-Cohen Joan Webster Cohen has twenty years' experience in international finance and risk management. She has a B.A. in psychology and economics, plus a MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. Cohen has traded foreign currencies, settled insurance claims for damaged electric power plants, formed a captive insurance company in Bermuda, and chaired the insurance advisory board of a nuclear insurance company.

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