Instructor Information

Jacqui Simpson
Jacqui Simpson is a divine channel of healing energies, teacher of sacred lessons and spiritual guide. She is married with grown children. Her resume includes working as a recruiter, event planner, and founding a non-profit charitable organization for children in emergency need. Over the years, she studied many modalities of energetic and spiritual therapies. She is certified in Advanced Level Esoteric Colour Prana Healing, Reiki III Master and Teacher, The Emotion Code, Ho'oponopono, The Science of Complimentary Healing, Pranic Blessings, Psychic Defense, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Quantum Touch. By intermingling these methods, she developed a personalized modality, named: Peace Filled Healing. She studied Eastern spiritual and medical practices while living in Singapore in 2009 and 2010. She has traveled to 38 countries, including: Cambodia, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Indonesia, and many countries in Europe and India. Jacqui travels across the nation, and around the world, serving as a vessel for the Angels and Spirit Beings to pour forth their blessings upon the people, animals, and Mother Earth. As she describes herself, "I am an Angel of Peace answering to the Divine Guidance which elevates me to serve the highest purpose, helping all of humanity live a life of love and peace. I am filled with Infinite Love and Gratitude"

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