Sculpture and Woodworking

Fine Arts & Photography: Sculpture & Woodworking

Currently Scheduled

Glass Fusion: Introduction05/12/18299.00
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Woodworking I05/15/18279.00
Pottery: Hand Building05/05/18145.00
Pottery: Wheel Throwing05/09/18145.00
Pottery: Wheel Throwing05/05/18145.00
Stone Carving06/02/18449.00
Glass Blowing Experience06/16/18229.00
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Glass Blowing Experience08/18/18229.00
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Glass Blowing: Introduction07/14/18399.00
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Glass Fusion Experience06/10/18125.00
Glass Fusion Experience08/12/18125.00
Glass Fusion: Introduction07/21/18299.00
Woodworking I07/16/18279.00
Woodworking: Dining Room Chair Design07/19/18279.00
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Pottery: Hand Building06/28/18145.00
Pottery: Wheel Throwing06/28/18145.00

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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