Currently Scheduled

Reilly: Ace of Spies09/14/170.00
OLLI Film Festival12/11/170.00
OLLI Film Festival - Las Ventanas12/13/170.00
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UNLV09/11/1775.00
Professor's Choice09/11/170.00
Photography II09/12/170.00
Crochet & Knit Workshop09/11/170.00
Star Trek 101: Voyager09/20/170.00
Events That Changed the World09/14/170.00
Events That Changed the World09/12/170.00
Countries, Cultures, and Current Issues01/23/180.00
First Ladies and Their Husbands, Part II01/24/180.00
Maya to Aztec: Ancient Mesoamerica Revealed01/25/180.00
Conspiracy: 9/11/200101/25/180.00
Spring Greeting Cards01/26/180.00
The Age of Rembrandt01/23/180.00
More Neurotics, Psychotics, and Sociopaths01/26/180.00
History of African-Americans in Las Vegas01/26/180.00
Great Decisions01/22/180.00
Artist's Workshop: Open Lab01/26/180.00
Soap Box01/23/180.00
Soap Box01/25/180.00
Writers' Club: Expressions in Prose & Poetry01/25/180.00
Writer's Critique, Ink01/24/180.00
Jazz Appreciation01/24/180.00
Spanish Pronunciation01/23/180.00
Shakespeare: Teacher's Pets01/26/180.00
French Book Club01/26/180.00
So What's News?01/22/180.00
So What's News?01/24/180.00
Hollywood Musicals01/25/180.00
Genealogy and Family History01/23/180.00
Creative Writing01/22/180.00
Crochet & Knit Workshop01/22/180.00
Beginning Line Dancing01/24/180.00
Star Trek 101: Enterprise, Fifth in a Series01/24/180.00
Yin Yoga01/23/180.00
Ukulele Workshop01/25/180.00
Events That Changed the World01/25/180.00
Events That Changed the World01/23/180.00
Colored Pencil Drawing01/22/180.00
Meridian Stretching01/25/180.00
Recreational Card Playing01/22/180.00
Recreational Card Playing Tournaments01/26/180.00
History of British India03/05/180.00
Diving Deeper Into SoulCollage01/22/180.00
Balance, Strength, and Stretching01/24/180.00
Watercolors: Botanical Illustrations01/26/180.00
TED Talks And More: The Future of Tomorrow, II01/24/180.00

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

Indepth Look at Two of Wagner's Operas
Strategies for Pain Management

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