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Persons who have taken Accent Reduction for International Professionals III may also be interested in the following courses (click on the catalog code link to see a list of upcoming course sections):

Accent Reduction for International Professionals I

Precise articulation is essential for effective presentations, motivating employees, and inspiring customer confidence. Even if you are proficient in English grammar and vocabulary, a strong regional or foreign accent can still make clear communication difficult in the workplace. Take this opportunity to develop the skills you need to correctly pronounce the sounds of American English, focusing on the vowel sounds, so your accent is no longer a business liability.

Effective Speaking for International Professionals

Do you want to speak effectively? Do you want to communicate with clarity and confidence? Are you an international professional or student who wants to improve your speaking and communication skills? This class will help you acquire the aspects of effective speech delivery. You will learn organization of content, use of verbal and non-verbal language, and voice control including understandable accent, proper intonation, and better articulation. You will also master the techniques of pacing, pausing, and linking for delivering a smoother, clearer, and more concise speech. Improving your speaking skills will boost your self-confidence, and have a positive impact on your professional and social life. You will overcome your fear of speaking, and communicate ideas in a coherent and convincing manner.

Accent Reduction for International Professionals II

Focus on mastering the consonant sounds of American English. This class is the next step after the Level I class. Now that you have completed the basic vowel program, you will master additional techniques for improving your English pronunciation. With Accent Reduction Level II, you will learn the techniques of producing correct consonant sounds when combined with vowels or other challenging consonants. By the end of this session, you will have acquired the rules governing the production of all the consonant sound variations, and you will meet difficult challenges in speech clarity for your job.

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