Instructor Information

Gabbie Hirsch New Yorker by birth, growing up in the suburbs of New York and Connecticut, "Gabbie" was able to frequent Manhattan and benefit from all of its cultural resources. Gabriél attended Cornell University's College of Fine Art and Architecture, graduating with a B.F.A. Panting Major, an Art History Minor and the equivalent of a minor in literature. She took additional classes in the more "commercial" skills and illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. More recently, she added some computer skills to the repertoire. You can never have too many options. "Gabbie's" experiences as an artist in both the "Fine" and commercial fields continues to be extremely varied. Her work is in the collection of Comedian Bill Cosby, the former presidents and CEO's of large corporations, in the Trotter's Hall of Fame, Goshen, New York, in hand-painted costumes for the '80's group Full Force (CBS records), and Donna Sommers. In the same week, she worked on a twenty foot mural for a local casino, and a digitally "invented" pirate ship mast for a private home-owner's fantasy swimming pool. She has even designed sets of tarot cards......Whether crafting a watercolor still life to demonstrate traditional themes and techniques for students, or mixing media to capture a dreamscape or archetypal vision, the possibilities are unlimited, and the artist loves a challenge.

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