People Management Module

The People Management module provides you with the most up-to-date information about managing and leading people. You will learn principles of people management and how to apply them to your business or team. Specific topics include managing organizations, managing conflict, leading through change, and methods for conflict resolution. Completing this module provides you with tools and techniques you can immediately apply to your workplace.

This module includes four focus areas, each taught by an experienced faculty member or local business leader.

Leadership: In today’s business environment, marked by rapid change and hyper-competition, effective leadership often makes the difference between success and failure. Examine the different roles and characteristics of a leader, as well as the impact of leadership on an organization. You will also assess your own leadership skills and identify ways to develop your personal approach.

Managing People: The essence of an organization is its workforce; employees must effectively work together to produce positive outcomes. Gain knowledge of organizational behavior and the various methods of managing individuals, teams, and organizations to elicit consistent, high levels of performance.

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution: Leaders often spend a significant amount of their time dealing with conflict and its consequences. People deal with conflict in various ways, but the most effective conflict management tool, at least potentially, is to negotiate. Enhance your ability to negotiate deals, settle disputes, and make team-based decisions.

Change and Transformation: Examine change management theory and application. Change in organizations is unavoidable. We can allow it to happen to us, or we can embrace it and harness it. Successful organizations make innovation and evaluation a consistent part of their culture. Because change is a process, it can be managed through effective leadership.

Due to COVID-19, instruction for this course will be online for Fall 2020. Access to the preparatory online component is available two weeks prior to the live-online meet dates. You should anticipate spending eight hours per module in online preparation before the live-online meet dates, plus eight hours per module for online follow up.

Please note, requests to drop classes and receive refunds must be submitted no later than one week prior to the live-online meet dates. Please see website for all other policies regarding withdrawing from the class.

Register for all four modules in order to receive a bundle price of $4676.40

Fall 2020 Advisory:

The Executive Certificate in Business Administration as it is currently structured will phase out after the fall 2020 semester. For students who are currently enrolled or who are planning on fall enrollment, please be advised that the fall sessions will provide the last chance to finish the certificate. To check on your certificate completion status or for further information, please call 702-895-3394 or email

Please note that in addition to earning the Executive Certificate In Business Administration by completing all four modules in the series, you will also earn a UNLV Continuing Education certificate of participation for each module you complete.

There are no scheduled sessions at this time. Sign up to be notified when this course is available.

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