Internal Business Environment Module

The Internal Business Environment module explores the challenges and opportunities a business leader should consider when developing structures and processes within their organization. Specific topics include handling budgeting and reporting, the role information systems play, identifying common legal pitfalls, and how social responsibility impacts the bottom line.

This module includes four focus areas, each taught by an experienced faculty member or local business leader.

Budgeting and Reporting: Utilize your budgeting process to communicate and fund business priorities. Take a fresh approach to your company's finances once you reframe the budget process as a way to quantify management goals and focus leaders' thinking around planning for the future.

Information Systems: Don't overlook the importance of well designed, thoughtfully implemented, and carefully managed information systems and decision support systems to the success of your business venture. Discuss the role information technology applications play in decision making and problem solving at an operational and strategic level.

Business Law: Professionals must be acutely aware of business law in order to avoid violations. Proactively prevent legal problems before they arise, or mitigate their effects by understanding and recognizing potential business law pitfalls. Expect to cover basic contract law, tort and property law, as well as the law of legal entities.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a public relations opportunity; in the most successful organizations, CSR is fully integrated into a firm's business model. Businesses engage in CSR for strategic and/or ethical purposes, generally with the expectation that there will be a positive impact on the bottom line. Learn about multiple ways to approach CSR and explore implementation strategies.

Due to COVID-19, instruction for this course will be online for Fall 2020. Access to the preparatory online component is available two weeks prior to the live-online meet dates. You should anticipate spending eight hours per module in online preparation before the live-online meet dates, plus eight hours per module for online follow up.

Please note, requests to drop classes and receive refunds must be submitted no later than one week prior to the live-online meet dates. Please see website for all other policies regarding withdrawing from the class.

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Fall 2020 Advisory:

Executive Certificate in Business Administration as it is currently structured will phase out after the fall 2020 semester. For students who are currently enrolled or who are planning on fall enrollment, please be advised that the fall sessions will provide the last chance to finish the certificate. To check on your certificate completion status or for further information, please call 702-895-3394 or email

Please note that in addition to earning the Executive Certificate In Business Administration by completing all four modules in the series, you will also earn a UNLV Continuing Education certificate of participation for each module you complete.

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