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Jane Addis Jane Addis has enjoyed formal retirement for 10 years. Living in the Las Vegas area has enriched her retirement. She worked in Seattle, WA for many years, employed with The Boeing Company. While always enjoying reading, new concepts and travel, teaching at OLLI has continued to enrich her life.
Rita Ballejos Rita Ballejos retired from the Army after serving 23 years. She has worked as a cook in Las Vegas at various hotels and retired as a master cook. In attending OLLI, the arts became a passion and carried over into the teaching of art in various forms.
Diane Benelli Diane Benelli is a twelfth generation Manhattan native who has been published in the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record. She has also edited several books for publication, among them the United Nations Disarmament Yearbook.
Daniel Berman Dr. Daniel Berman is the Founder and CEO of the Community Healthcare Innovations. In addition, he has been helping people later in life reinvent their life after retiring from their positions. He has been coaching and working with retired healthcare professionals and other professionals to find fulfillment in the next phase of their lives.
Richard Berman Dr. Richard Berman has over 50 years of service in mental health as a therapist and supervisor and in his last position as director of mental health services for Lapeer County in Michigan. Additionally, he has instructed over 150 courses for several colleges in Michigan as well as a full-time faculty member at UNLV. Berman also served as president of the Michigan Association of Mental Health Center Directors as well as for the Association of Psychiatric Centers of the Americas.
Karmella Bognot Karmella Bognot wears many hats – she is a licensed occupational therapist, a program director in memory care, and has taught both college students and active adult learners. In addition to being a self-proclaimed “old soul in a thirty-something year old body,” Bognot is also a UNLV alumni, earning her doctorate in May of 2020. Her professional background allows her to appreciate and recognize all possibilities when it comes to maintaining optimal brain and body health across the lifespan.
Niels Clyde Niels Clyde has been a student of several disciplines of spiritual principles for many years. His interest in ancient sages and their teachings has enabled him to facilitate several study groups. Clyde added teaching ukulele in 2013. OLLI at UNLV has provided a unique opportunity for Clyde to share his experience in a multimedia environment.
Frank Davio Frank Davio worked for Rheingold Brewery in Brooklyn, New York as a truck driver and for Southwest Airlines in Las Vegas as a ramp agent. He was raised in a social club culture and has been playing cards for recreation most of his life. Though he now occasionally plays cards online, Davio knows there is nothing that compares with the fun, entertainment, and excitement of playing cards in person.
Richard Davis Dignity Health’s Richard Davis received his B.A. from the University of San Francisco in 1981. He excels in community outreach and is a requested conference speaker and a published writer on health care issues. Davis is a certified trainer and facilitator for Adult Mental Health First Aid Training. He assists in the promotion, implementation and delivery of all health self-management workshops in association with community partner organizations. Davis won the “Humankindness” award in 2019.
Diane Dawson Diane Dawson has been working in IT for 40 years, 20+ of those years in information security, securing networks, running vulnerability scans, writing policies and doing regulatory compliance. All of this knowledge helped her when she started her own solo-preneurship, but she also had to learn that the tools for a small network didn't work or exist. That realization took her on a 9-year journey of experimenting, and implementing protective mechanisms that applied to her network and applications. In this class she will share what she has learned.
Casey Lyn Domingo Casey Lyn Domingo is Health Programs Manager at St. Rose Dominican Hospitals WomensCare and Community Outreach Centers.
Alfred Drake Alfred J. Drake grew up in Orange County, California, earned his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. (1989-1997) in English at the University of California, Irvine, and now lives in Las Vegas. He has taught English, American, classical and world literature at UC Irvine, Chapman University, and CSU Fullerton. He has edited works on the Frankfurt School and the American New Critics, and at present his main interests are in classical Greek and Latin literature, literary theory, and Shakespeare.
Linda Edgeworth Linda Edgeworth is a senior consultant specializing in domestic and international election law and administration. She has led international observation missions, performed election analyses, and provided direct assistance to election management bodies in 39 countries. She was the Director of Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina and rebuilt the voter polls and election systems after the war. She was Deputy Director for elections in Alaska in charge of election operations, procedural development, federal compliance, and public information. She has also consulted in several states and counties in the United States and has been a speaker and facilitator at many election-related conferences domestically and abroad.
Noell Everhart Noell Everhart grew up in a funeral home in rural eastern Ohio and formed an interest in history after watching the 1988 mini series "Gore Vidal's Lincoln". Noell started with the Civil War but soon became interested in general history and extensively studied the Civil War, the Holocaust, and musicals, along with many other subjects. Noell discovered a love of musicals at Christmas in 1988 after borrowing the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (from Mom). Noell has been fortunate to travel extensively and indulge in a love of culture, history and musicals. Noell moved to Las Vegas September 2021 and has been at OLLI since February 2023.
Bruce Ewing Bruce Ewing is a native of Suffern, NY and is a graduate of the Hartt School of Music, Hartford, CT. He most recently toured the country in The Phat Pack (winner of Best Of Vegas: Best All-Around Performers). Ewing co-created The Phat Pack while appearing in Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular at the Venetian. Before Phantom, he appeared as Jinx in Forever Plaid at the Gold Coast, as well as four years as Jinx and Sparky in Forever Plaid at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino. Before Vegas, Ewing worked all over the country with credits including national tours of Forever Plaid (Jinx/Frankie Sparky), City of Angels (Jimmy Powers), Grand Hotel (Erik and understudy for the Baron), and Ziegfeld: A Night at the Follies (production tenor). Ewing has recorded four solo CDs and recently retired as music director for Community Lutheran Church of Las Vegas.
Mercedes Foster Mercedes Dorothea Foster is 79 years young and a retired Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. She is a show producer, choreographer, Egyptian Belly Dance instructor and Afro-Brazilian Samba Dance instructor from Brooklyn, NY. She has been belly dancing since May 1989 and has performed professionally around the world. She taught belly dance for eleven years in Honolulu, Hawaii and at the historic Doolittle Community Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada for ten years. Mercedes was invited to dance and then, subsequently, taught various dance forms for two years at the Speeding Theater Over 55, in Las Vegas. Her dance style is described as Egyptian Style Belly Dance and Afro-Brazilian style Samba. She has been teaching dance techniques, combinations, and choreography off and on since 1998. Mercedes teaches various forms of dance because it is lots of fun and it keeps her physically fit.
Ziona Friedlander Ziona Friedlander has been teaching meditation for nearly 10 years using an 8-week course she created called "Everyone Can Meditate!"
Ken Geohegan Ken Geohegan has been dancing for 58 years. He has taught groups in multiple states and is an effective educator. His love of dancing and selection of dances makes most people enjoy learning dances from all around the world. He practiced medicine up until three years ago, and now teaches middle school math for CCSD.
Ellen Halperin-Royer Ellen Halperin-Royer received her Ph.D. in theater at the University of Oregon. She taught acting, directing, introduction to theater, and theater history at University of Nebraska, Kearney, University of Houston, Downtown, Mount Hood Community College and the University of Oregon. Ellen loves teaching at OLLI, loves Arthur Miller's plays, and is looking forward to exploring these theatrical masterpieces with OLLI students.
Danielle Hartnett Danielle Hartnett holds a degree in film from USC, where she worked with renowned film scholar Drew Casper and several blacklisted filmmakers. While on work study in the film library, she looked for any opportunity to steal a moment in the Warner Bros Special Collections, where she would linger over publicity stills of James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart. She spent a brief time working in Hollywood before pursuing a master’s degree in English literature. Hartnett is a published film reviewer. She has taught several classes at OLLI at UNLV, including classes on the Hollywood Blacklist, the History of the Early Gangster Film, and the Films of the Cold War.
Jon Haveman Jon Haveman is the Executive Director of the National Economic Education Delegation (NEED). He has a reputation for providing audiences with edible economic information. Jon was previously a Senior Economist with the President's Council of Economic Advisers, held a faculty position at Purdue University and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Michigan.
Dorothy Howard After several years teaching elementary school in Boston, Dorothy Howard, DSW, obtained her Master and Doctor of Social work degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. She moved to Las Vegas in 1987 to work in the child custody field and continued in the mental health and child welfare fields until her retirement in 2008. Having an abiding interest in history and the arts, she joined OLLI in 2009 and began instructing OLLI classes in 2014. She is also part of the OLLI 'That's Your Opinion' Team.
Gail Knapp Gail Knapp first moved to Michigan, she joined the International Institute of Flint. They needed an instructor for their beginning English class, and she thought that as a native speaker it would be an easy thing to do. It was not easy, but it was both interesting and fun. Although Gail’s academic credentials include a Ph.D. in psychology and a J.D., she has always enjoyed learning new things. Her favorite topics include both history and English. After retiring from forty years as a community college psychology professor, she moved to Las Vegas and now continues her love of teaching with OLLI. She has taught OLLI courses including Gray Matters: Critical Thinking for Seniors (Parts 1 and 2), Psychology Topics, and Parliamentary Procedure every semester for the past 12 years.
Richard Kram Richard Kram is the author of a published novel and book of poems. He holds a B.S. in mathematics and electrical engineering from Duke University. Kram performed brain surgery on small primates during his two years of post-graduate work in neuropsychology. His eclectic interests served him well as VP of Systems and Software Engineering for a consulting firm, where anti-submarine warfare (ASW), kidney dialysis, and Naval war games were among his areas of expertise.
Judy Kulic Judy Kulic has been playing bridge for over 30 years and has been teaching for almost as long. She has achieved life master status more than 20 years ago and is an American Contract Bridge League certified teacher. One of her biggest pleasures is watching her students progress and seeing them eventually playing in the local bridge club.
Johnny Law Johnny Law has been an OLLI Art Instructor for almost 10 years now with an ever-morphing Beginner Drawing Class with an emphasis on creativity, and is probably why so many "OLLI Art Community" artists often return to Johnny’s class over and over again! He never really did anything artsy before his first OLLI drawing class 10 years ago that struck gold. Which is why his class is successfully based on his own journey, as a self-proclaimed 5X7 refrigerator magnet and forever beginner ARTEEST!
Rob Levrant Rob Levrant has been the director of OLLI at UNLV since 2015. Prior, Levrant had an extensive career in higher education administration and community engagement. From 1996-2003 he served as Director of Housing and Residence Life at Rocky Mountain College where he taught an undergraduate leadership course, and led community education efforts aimed at improving student experience, public safety, and quality of life on campus and throughout the community.
Mark Love Mark Love retired to Las Vegas in 2017 after teaching American Air Force children in the Azores for 6 years. and in England for 28 years. He co-taught a course on Modern Board Games in the Spring of 2020. Mark majored in political science and was an active campaign volunteer for a Presidential candidate in the 2020 Nevada caucus.
Bernard Malamud Bernard Malamud was on the economics faculty at UNLV for 50 years. He comes to AI with strengths in system design as an undergraduate electrical engineer, automated decision-making/expert systems gained at Carnegie Tech where AI was in the air, and economic planning from his Ph.D. studies, teaching, and research. So he has a good handle on the symbolic approach to AI, less fruitful than recent breakthroughs in neural networks and machine learning. He’ll learn about today’s AI along with you.
Theresa Malburg For TERI Malburg the world of arts & crafts is her "Calgon moment" that gives her a "breath of freshness". It is fun & relaxing learning at her own pace. She has dappled in lots of mediums while instructing with OLLI & the Outreach program. She loves to gather all peers together to share their creations and their smiles. Everyone is an "artist", so bring your creativity and join her for this class.
Keith McMillen Keith McMillen is a 20-year resident of Las Vegas. He is a retired software engineer who worked in many areas, including the Department of Defense, hospitals, HMOs, small business, and early internet providers. McMillen is a life-long fan of old movies, especially B movies and Saturday serials. He has been a newspaper reporter, a middle school instructor, and a middle school academic coach in LEGO robotics competitions.
Susan Merritt After earning degrees in computer science and math from Cornell and UC San Diego, Susan Merritt spent the majority of her career in the world of technology as a data scientist helping biotech scientists manage their laboratory data. Far from being a tech geek dwelling in the cyber world, Merritt has a love of nature and a drive to explore. In her free time, she has traveled to remote locations all over the globe, on all seven continents.
Sheila Milko Sheila Milko graduated from UNLV and Juris Doctorate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Throughout her career, she has worked as a law clerk for the top law firms in the San Diego and Las Vegas areas. Sheila and her family moved to Las Vegas in 1962 and happily raised two foster children. She enjoys oil and water color painting.
Barbara Miller Barbara Miller is an avid reader and shares her insightful constructive criticism. She moved to Las Vegas from New York where she ran an orthopedic office for eighteen years. She now has the time to pursue her passion for writing.
Ken Moser Ken Moser is a certified executive chef and has worked as a chef for over 40 years. He has owned and operated many restaurants and catering companies. He was Vice President of Food and Beverage for major corporations, having a long and award winning career. He wants to help with better nutrition, and better food options for seniors.
Dan Mysliborski Dan Mysliborski retired from Ocean Spray Manufacturing in 2011. He has been a Las Vegas resident since 1992 and a student at OLLI at UNLV since 2013. He graduated from DeSales University in 1980 with an accounting degree. Mysliborski is a fan of television from the 50s and 60s and has enjoyed Twilight Zone since its original broadcast in 1959.
Judy Nelson Judy Nelson has lived in Las Vegas since 1989. She is a retired Department of Defense employee and spent 20 years working at Nellis AFB. Her interest in ukulele began at age nine when she found an old ukulele book in her dad's garage and taught herself some chords on a $6 ukulele. She moved on to learn guitar a few years later, playing from books. Nelson didn't play ukulele again until 2010, when she joined the Ukulele Club of Las Vegas. She is currently the organizer of UCLV and the Ninth Isle Ukulele Club.
Renee Newry Renee Newry, a retired librarian with a master's degree in library science, devoted thirty years to teaching in public education. Throughout her career, she led students and parents in creative projects, workshops, and technology lessons. Renee is excited to host an upcoming creative class on habit tracking, where she can continue to inspire and educate others.
Risa Page Risa Page is a volunteer with Nevada AARP. She completed a 40-year career in secondary education which included 27 years teaching high school and mentoring UNLV teacher candidates for 13 years. She holds a Master's Degree from Michigan State University. From 2018-23, Risa served as a community outreach educator for the Clark County Coroner's Office. Since Fall 2020, Risa has served as a national AARP Volunteer with their Driver Safety Program and Disrupt Aging Classroom outreach program for colleges. Locally, with Nevada AARP, she has served as a moderator for online exercise classes and as a Speakers' Bureau ambassador, presenting on Fraud Watch, Medicare, Social Security, Online Safety and ID Protection for older adults. In addition to volunteering with AARP, Risa has been an active volunteer for 10 years with Trauma Intervention Program of Southern Nevada, supporting first responders and citizens in the immediate response after a tragedy. Risa was born and raised in Michigan, moved to Las Vegas in 2004, and lives with her husband and 3 recue kitties, Larry, Moe and Curly.
Martine Patton Martine Patton is a self-taught watercolorist who has been painting for the last 30 years. She has taken workshops with Judy Morris, David Drummond, and Birgit O'Connor. She has taught art at OLLI for the past 15 years.
Jim Patton Jim Patton watched the Seinfeld series from its inception in 1989 through the final show in 1998. He still watches reruns, to his wife's chagrin, whenever they air. He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Minnesota prior to packing the family and moving to Thailand to take a job with the U.S. Air Force. He set up off-duty education programs at various bases and conducted classes in test preparation and interviewing skills.
Julia Pizzi Julia Pizzi is a Certified Spiritual Director; Reiki Master; Meyers Briggs certified facilitator and Currently Administrative Director of Interfaith Contemplative Center for Spirituality in Healthcare in Nevada with 35 years in executive Human Resource leadership focusing on career development and coaching.
Christina Salinas Chris Salinas is a 42-year resident of Las Vegas working at the Nevada Test Site and Clark County School District and raising a family here. Volunteer work included Boy/Girl Scout Leader/Camp Staff, CCD Teacher, PTA, Red Cross, USO & LV Natural History Museum. She enjoys travel, museum visits, crafting, and shooting sports.
Joey Sassaman Joey Sassaman has been a Las Vegas resident for the past 7 years. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Joey attended City University of New York – Queens College and has a bachelor’s degree in economics. Helping people has always been a passion of hers and early in her career decided she wanted to stay in Health Care. For the past 17 years Joey has held many roles in Health Care. Some of her most current roles have been Compliance Officer for Sunrise Hospital and Lead Director of Dual Eligible Programs for Aetna/CVS Health. Joey is now part of the UNLV family in her role as Research Integrity Officer. When Joey is not working, she spends time with her husband and their 3 dogs.
Salley Sawyer Salley Sawyer has a B.S. in Art Education and a Ph.D. in Instructional Design. She has taught classes on basket making and ceramics and bookmaking as well as baker-dough craft. Sawyer is passionate about printmaking and studied printmaking with Anne Hoff at the College of Southern Nevada. Both Sawyer and her husband Stephen grew up in Maine and return to the rock-bound coast at least once each summer.
Fran Smith Fran Smith holds a B.A. in political science and an M.A. in international relations. Her first career was on Capitol Hill as a Congressional aide. Her second was in housing development in Honolulu. And her third was nonprofit management. After retiring, she returned to her love of learning through OLLI at UNLV. Although she has no professional art experience, she minored in art history and has pursued her love of art all her adult life through travel.
Sonji Smith
Doug Verb With 40 years’ experience in all facets of the sports industry, Doug Verb is one of the country’s most successful executives for new sports and league “start-ups.” With expertise in strategic organization, media, promotion, event creation/management, mediation, and staff building, he served as a consultant to many sports organizations, agencies, and venues. As founder of ACTION Sports America, he developed and managed sales promotions with all the major pro leagues and college conferences and owns international proprietary products. Verb was part of groups that started three pro sports leagues, was president of pro soccer’s Chicago Sting, and spent 10 years as a TV executive and sportswriter.
UNR Volunteer Team Master Gardeners are trained volunteers with the University of Nevada, Reno Extension, located in Las Vegas and providing research-based horticultural information to the public.
Jo Wilkins Jo Wilkins, Chief Executive Officer and Acquisitions Editor for Mystic Publishers, Inc., runs the companies Ink & Quill Publishers (general genres) and NewLink Publishing (Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy), and Vision Novels, for authors who want to self-publish without a vanity press. She co-authors, the Tyranny Series (Sci-Fi) and one murder mystery. She has published in over 20 anthologies and essays, and on KNPR's "Making NV Home". She taught beginning and intermediate writing for the City of Henderson.
Les Wimmer Les Wimmer is an amateur astronomer and has a long held curiosity about astronomy, and in particular, efforts to search for intelligent beings. He is a retiree of the Air Force Reserve and former civilian employee. He has a BS degree in business management from the University of Maryland's European Division. He also has two associate degrees in technology.
Geoffrey Woglom
Carolyn Yucha Dr. Carolyn Dr. Carolyn Yucha is both a nurse and a physiologist. She has taught numerous courses in Nursing Schools in Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology. She has served as Editor of Biological Research for Nursing, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, for the past 22 years. Dr. Yucha was Dean of the School of Nursing at UNLV from 2004-2018. She hopes to share her enthusiasm for the relationships between structure and function in our extraordinary human bodies.

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