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Courses that have discounted registation fees for UNLV Staff

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Customer Experience Certificate Program n/a4995.00
Watercolors II 07/17/24155.00
Introduction to Wildlife Painting (In Acrylic) 08/03/24155.00
Impressionism, Expressionism & Abstracts 08/03/24155.00
ART For Families 07/20/24155.00
Cannabis Professional 06/17/2499.00
Pets & Cannabis 06/17/2499.00
Cannabis Budtender Certificate 06/17/24249.00
Cooking with Cannabis 06/17/2499.00
Growing Cannabis at Home 06/17/24189.00
Nevada Medical Cannabis Consultant Certificate 06/17/24499.00
Turning Managers into Leaders 07/19/24329.00
Managing & Responding to Poor Employee Performance 07/19/24329.00
Stress at Work: Impacts & Solutions for Individuals, Leaders & HR Professionals 08/16/24329.00
Resilience & Wellbeing in the Workplace 07/26/24329.00
Organizational Climate & Cultural Assessment 07/18/24329.00
The New Manager's Toolkit 08/09/24329.00
Problem Solving & Decision Making 08/30/24329.00
Crisis Management 07/25/24329.00
Organizational Change Management (OCM) 08/02/24329.00
Virtual Leadership: Elevate Your Executive Presence on Video Conferencing Calls 08/27/24219.00New
Effective Speaking for International Professionals 08/26/24299.00
Introduction to Voiceover Workshop 07/20/2459.00
Break Into the World of Voiceover 08/06/24399.00
Fashion Design: Elements & Principles 08/19/24399.00
Fashion Accessories 08/03/24389.00
Fashion Exposed Workshop: Fall Tea Slip Ensemble 08/10/24389.00
Technical Design for Fashion - Level I 08/03/241199.00
Introduction to Costuming: Stage, Theatre, and Dance Productions 07/20/24219.00
Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga: 1 Day Bootcamp 08/17/24229.00
Basic Life Support Certification 07/20/2480.00
An Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector 08/09/2430.00
Digital Photography III: Headshots to Dramatic Portraits 08/03/24135.00
Cooperative Parenting-Shielding Your Children From Conflict 08/06/24299.00
Bail Agent Pre-Licensing 08/28/24599.00
Assessing & Treating Traumatized Adults 07/18/2465.00
Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse 08/17/2465.00
GRE® Live-Online Course 08/06/24799.00
LSAT® Live-Online Course 07/21/24899.00
LSAT® Live-Online Course 07/29/24899.00
LSAT® Live-Online Course 08/01/24899.00
LSAT® Live-Online Course 08/28/24899.00
SAT® Live-Online Prep Course 07/29/24499.00
Adobe Illustrator I 08/12/24389.00
Principles of Graphic Design 08/14/24189.00
Introduction to Print on Demand (Clothing, Wall Art, Goods) 07/18/24115.00
Acrylics II 10/12/24159.00
Acrylics I 09/07/24159.00
Drawing I 09/07/24159.00
Face First: Introduction to Portraits 11/16/24159.00
Drawing II 10/12/24159.00
Watercolors I 09/09/24159.00
Watercolors II 10/14/24159.00
Introduction to Wildlife Painting (In Acrylic) 10/09/24159.00
Impressionism, Expressionism & Abstracts 09/04/24159.00
ART For Families 11/16/24159.00
Business Administration Certificate 09/20/242100.00
Cannabis Professional 09/16/2499.00
Cannabis Professional 11/04/2499.00
Pets & Cannabis 09/16/2499.00
Cannabis Professional: Spanish (El Profesional de Cannabis) 09/16/2499.00
Cannabis Budtender Certificate 09/16/24249.00
Cooking with Cannabis 09/16/2499.00
Growing Cannabis at Home 09/16/24189.00
Nevada Medical Cannabis Consultant Certificate 09/23/24499.00
Basic Mediation Skills Training 09/14/241200.00New
Best Practices in Employee Retention & Engagement 09/06/24329.00
Essentials of Human Resource Management 09/04/241100.00
Strategic Human Resources 10/04/24329.00
Turning Managers into Leaders 09/20/24329.00
Managing & Responding to Poor Employee Performance 12/06/24329.00
Creating High-Functioning Teams Using Strengths 10/16/24329.00
Nevada Employment Law NRS: 607-612 09/13/24329.00
Nevada Employment Law NRS: 613-615 10/11/24329.00
Nevada Employment Law NRS: 616A-618 11/15/24329.00
Employee Learning & Development 10/18/24329.00
Stress at Work: Impacts & Solutions for Individuals, Leaders & HR Professionals 12/13/24329.00
Resilience & Wellbeing in the Workplace 09/27/24329.00
The ABCs of Strategic Thinking 11/15/24329.00
Developing a Successful Performance Management Program 10/11/24329.00
Succession Planning 09/12/24329.00
Communication Strategies: Essential Skills for First-Time Managers or Supervisors 11/08/24329.00
Managing in a Multi-Generational Workplace 11/20/24329.00
Crisis Management 10/28/24329.00
E.N.R.I.C.H. Your Relationship With Your Child 09/17/24279.00
E.N.R.I.C.H. Your Relationship With Your Child 10/30/24279.00
Build Your Personal Brand, Resume, and Interviewing Skills 09/13/24329.00
Fundamentals of Leadership 10/31/24799.00
Effective Facilitation of Meetings & Discussions 10/05/24329.00
Organizational Change Management (OCM) 12/06/24329.00
Emotional Intelligence 09/27/24329.00
Communication Strategies: The Art of Courageous Conversations 11/01/24329.00
Excel Advanced Workshop: Complex Formulas 09/27/24139.00
Analyzing, Managing, and Presenting Data in Microsoft Excel 09/16/24359.00
Virtual Leadership: Elevate Your Executive Presence on Video Conferencing Calls 11/19/24329.00
Virtual Communications: Best Practices for Organizational Leaders and Managers 10/01/24329.00New
Communicate with Difficult People with Tact & Skill 09/06/24159.00
Accent Reduction for International Professionals I 09/23/24289.00
Accent Reduction for International Professionals II 10/14/24289.00
Accent Reduction for International Professionals III 11/04/24289.00
Introduction to Voiceover Workshop 09/28/2459.00
Introduction to Voiceover Workshop 11/16/2459.00
Break Into the World of Voiceover 10/08/24399.00
Break Into the World of Voiceover 12/05/24399.00
Patternmaking: Introduction 10/12/24599.00
Fashion Costume Construction 11/30/24599.00
Sewing: The Stitch Room 09/07/24799.00
Dressmaker Studio 11/09/24389.00
Sewing from a Pattern 09/07/24199.00
Cosplay Costume Construction 10/05/24219.00New
Identifying Funding Sources 09/24/24289.00
Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga: 5 Week Series 10/26/24289.00
Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga: 1 Day Bootcamp 11/03/24229.00
Basic Life Support Certification 09/06/2480.00
Basic Life Support Certification 10/23/2480.00
Basic Life Support Certification 11/16/2480.00
Beginning Italian I 09/09/24219.00
Beginning French I & French II 09/07/24219.00
Beginning French III 09/07/24219.00
English as a Second Language (ESL) Intermediate 09/07/24699.00
English as a Second Language (ESL) Advanced 10/08/24699.00
Introduction to Legal Interpreting 09/03/24339.00
Legal Sight Translation 10/08/24339.00
Legal Consecutive Interpreting I 11/12/24339.00
Beginning German I 09/10/24219.00
ESL Rocks! Learn English with Music 09/16/24259.00
English as a Second Language (ESL) Beginning 09/10/24699.00
Guitar I 09/03/24129.00
Guitar II 10/15/2499.00
Ukulele I 09/03/24129.00
Bass Guitar 10/15/2499.00New
Responsible Fundraising 09/09/24349.00
Creating a Development Plan 09/09/24105.00
Governance, Legal Compliance & Public Disclosure 10/07/24349.00
Telling the Stories that Make Donors Give 11/20/24205.00
Introduction to Planned Giving 09/30/24105.00
Donor Relations 09/09/24269.00
Digital Photography I: Understanding the Basics of Your Camera & Photography 09/14/24135.00
Digital Photography III: Headshots to Dramatic Portraits 11/09/24135.00
Digital Photography II: Tools, Techniques & Lighting 10/12/24135.00
Building a Photography Business 09/16/24329.00
Digital Photography Editing 10/01/24299.00
Cooperative Parenting-Shielding Your Children From Conflict 10/01/24299.00
Cooperative Parenting-Shielding Your Children From Conflict 12/03/24299.00
Bail Agent Continuing Education 10/15/24299.00
Paralegal Certificate Program 10/06/246999.00
Developing Team Culture 09/14/2465.00New
Assessing & Treating Childhood Trauma 10/24/2465.00
GRE® Live-Online Course 09/04/24799.00
GRE® Live-Online Course 10/17/24799.00
GRE® Live-Online Course 12/09/24799.00
GMAT® Focus Live-Online Course 09/18/24849.00
LSAT® Live-Online Course 09/05/24899.00
LSAT® Live-Online Course 10/02/24899.00
LSAT® Live-Online Course 10/03/24899.00
LSAT® Live-Online Course 12/04/24899.00
LSAT® Live-Online Course 12/05/24899.00
LSAT Prep Course - Classroom 10/01/24899.00
SAT® Live-Online Prep Course 09/04/24499.00
SAT® Live-Online Prep Course 09/08/24499.00
SAT® Live-Online Prep Course 10/03/24499.00
SAT® Live-Online Prep Course 10/23/24499.00
ACT® Live-Online Prep Course 09/17/24499.00
ACT® Live-Online Prep Course 10/28/24499.00
Adobe Illustrator II 10/21/24389.00
Adobe InDesign I 09/12/24389.00
Adobe InDesign I 10/15/24389.00
Adobe Illustrator I 09/09/24389.00
Adobe Photoshop I 10/19/24389.00
Adobe Photoshop I 10/19/24389.00
Adobe Photoshop II 09/04/24389.00
Graphic Design Capstone: Designing Your Brand Using Adobe Software 11/20/24249.00
Introduction to Print on Demand (Clothing, Wall Art & Goods) 10/17/24115.00
Large Format Printing & Design for Tradeshows & Conventions 10/05/24389.00
Sequential Art I (The Graphic Novel) 10/17/24319.00

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TitleSchedule Info
Your Strategic Plan: A Guide for the Future
Woodworking: Instant Gratification
Woodworking: Cutting Boards - Advanced Techniques
Watercolors III
Come as you ART
Perspective Drawing
Introduction to Still Life (in Acrylic)
Anatomy for the Artist
Introduction to Composition & Color
Business Administration Certificate Information Session
People Management Module
Business Performance Module
Internal Business Environment Module
Executive Certificate in Business Administration Bundle
Human Robot Relationship
Cannabis & the Opioid Epidemic
Pulmonary Dynamics of Vaporizing vs. Smoking
The Art of Persuasion and Influence
Workplace Investigations
Federal Employment Law: Wage & Hour
Federal Employment Law: Background Checks, Safety, Immigration & More
PHR/SPHR Information Session
What the EEOC Expects From Employers
Establishing Your Personal Leadership Brand
Federal Employment Law: Labor-Management Relations
Federal Employment Law: Employment Discrimination
Office Politics: Navigating the Organization
Leading People Through Change
Interviewing Skills for Hiring Teams
Managing Hybrid & Remote Work Teams
Communication Strategies: Essential Skills for First-Time Managers or Supervisors
Conflict Management: Tools for Organizational Success
The Project Management Lifecycle
Fostering a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace
Developing Mentorship Programs
Organizational Design: Aligning Structure, Jobs, & Skills
The Language of Leadership
Personal Leadership Development
Excel Essentials Workshop: Data Basics
Excel Essentials Workshop: Analyzing Data
Excel Essentials Workshop: Presenting Data
Excel Advanced Workshop: Data Analysis & Reporting
Excel Advanced Workshop: Automating Tasks
Excel Essentials Workshop Bundle
Excel Advanced Workshop Bundle
Google Apps: Docs, Sheets & Slides
KDP Publishing Fundamentals
Adobe Premiere: Video Editing I
Adobe Premiere: Video Editing II
Videography I: The Essentials
Excel I
Microsoft Office Basics
Better Documents with Microsoft Office
Public Speaking Bootcamp
Effective Speaking for International Professionals
Accent Reduction for International Professionals II
Accent Reduction for International Professionals III
Accent Reduction Bundle
Aspire to DJ for Beginners
DJ Like a Pro Certificate Program
Data Science & Analytics: Introductory Course
Data Science & Analytics Bootcamp
Basic Sewing
Swimwear & Lingerie
Sewing: Alterations
Fashion Illustration & Design
The Business of Fashion Marketing, Showcase
Basic Sewing II: Stitch It
Fashion: Draw, Drape & Design
Fashion Apparel Construction: Icon
Introduction to Sustainable Fashion
DIY Sewing Machine Maintenance
Quilting Techniques for Beginners
Collectible Teddy Bear Making Workshop
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Fundamentals
Proposal Writing II
Grants Management
Building a Grant Ready Organization
Proposal Writing I
Grant Academy Bundle
Cooking Basics: Stocks & Sauces
Flavors of Thailand
Northern Italian Classics
Fish to Perfection
Dinners from Tuscany
Creative Salads
Indian Cooking Classics
Not Your Classic Macaroni & Cheese
Peer Recovery Support Specialist Certificate Preparation
Peer Recovery Support Specialist Certificate Preparation
Mindful Self Compassion
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Mindful Eating
Digital & Social Media Marketing
Fundamentals of Marketing
Writing & Content Creation for Marketers
Consumer Behavior and Market Research
Internal Communications for Marketing
Brand Management
Spanish I
Spanish II
Beginning French I
Beginning French II
Beginning French IV
Italian II
Legal Simultaneous Interpreting I
Legal Consecutive Interpreting II
Legal Simultaneous Interpreting II
Spanish III
Medical Interpreting Skills Development
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals III
Introduction to Medical Interpreting
Medical Terminology & Specialties I
Medical Terminology & Specialties II
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals I
Medical Spanish I
Spanish for Healthcare Professionals II
Medical Spanish II
Medical Assistant ProgramSpring, Summer
Medical Assistant Externship
From Concept to Reality: The New Nonprofit
The Art of Fundraising: Event Management
Making Your Board Into An Effective Team
Strong Financial Oversight
Human Resources: Ensuring Your Non-Profit is Compliant
A Nonprofit Board's Role & Responsibility to its Agency & the Community
Capital Campaigns: Everything You Need to Know
Effective Volunteer Management
Nonprofit Marketing Essentials
Communicating with Purpose
Infrastructure & Process of Nonprofit Fundraising
Nonprofit Program Management and Assessment
Effective Fundraising
Nonprofit Management Bundle
Nonprofit Fundraising Bundle
Advancing How Your Money Moves with JA
Understanding Financial Markets
Social Security & Retirement
Advanced Financial Market Analysis
Annuity: The Ins & Outs
How to Deal with Disagreements, Conflict & Confrontation
Neon Night Photography: Capturing the Glow
Travel Photography
Photography for Graphic Designers
Learning to See Creatively
Documentary Photography
Food Photography
Presenting & Marketing Your Photographs
Street Photography
Architectural Photography
Landscape Photography
Introdction to Night Sky Photography
Digital Photography Bundle
Contract Law
Paralegal Certificate Program
Paralegal Certificate Program-Online
Product Management Certificate Course
ACCUPLACER Placement Test for ESL Students
Pathways to Success (Summer Program)
Community Manager Preparation Course
Declarant Transition and Resales
NRS/NAC 116 Overview
Sales Development Science
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
Fitness Bundle
Sales Operations Science
Domestic Violence in Child Welfare
Diagnosing Disorders of Mood, Anxiety & Trauma
Treatment Courts: Working with Criminal Justice Involved Individuals
Best Social Work Practices Working With Immigrant Populations
Historical Trauma
Ethical Considerations in Working With Sex Workers & Survivors of Trafficking
Perinatal Mood Disorders
Integrated Behavioral Health
Violence Risk & Threat Assessment
Borderline Personality Disorder
Treating Addictions
Preventing Interpersonal Violence
Ethics & Technology
Advanced Skills for Child Clinicians
Suicide Prevention
Mindfulness for Practitioners in Trauma-Informed Care
Assessing LGB + Couples: Current Findings and Techniques
Identifying and Treating Emotional Dysregulation Disorders in Adolescents
Understanding the Complex Needs of Homeless Families
Subpoenas, Court Orders, & Depositions, Oh My! Ethical Practice in Court
GRE Classroom Test Preparation
LSAT Prep Course - Classroom
SAT® Live-Online Blitz
ACT® Live-Online Blitz
Praxis Core Verbal Online Test Preparation
Praxis® Live-Online Core Math Prep Course
GMAT Live Online Strategy Workshop
SAT Blitz - Classroom
SAT Summer Institute - Classroom
GRE Prep Course - Classroom
SAT® Live-Online Ultimate
ACT Prep Course - On Campus
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Certificate
Web Development Coding Bootcamp
Software Development: Introductory Course
Software Development Bootcamp
Adobe Illustrator II
Adobe Illustrator I
Adobe Photoshop I
Print Design Capstone: From Pre-Press to Production
Introduction to Google AdWords
WordPress I
Introduction to YouTube Marketing
Principles of Graphic Design
Brand Identity Basics
Introduction to Zines & Zine Making
Introduction to Sequential Art (Comics, Manga, Children's Books)
Sequential Art I (The Graphic Novel)
Digital Illustration I
Editing & Proofreading Your Work
Sommelier Academy Certificate Program
Vine to Wine: The Fundamentals
Live-Online Summer Bridge Math-Grade 1
Live-Online Summer Bridge Math-Grade 2
Live-Online Summer Bridge Math-Grade 3
Live-Online Summer Bridge Math-Grade 4
Live-Online Summer Bridge Math-Grade 5
Live-Online Summer Bridge Math-Grade 6
Live-Online Summer Bridge Math-Grade 7
Live-Online Summer Bridge Math-Grade 8

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